It was a little after midnight when my wife woke me up because of a hissing sound. It turned out that my water heater was leaking pretty good. I did a quick search and called Plumbing Experts Inc. They came out and had a new water heater installed before my morning shower. These guys are awesome!

I attempted to change out the broken toilet on my own. The project got out of hand and I couldn’t get it installed properly. I called Bay Area Plumbing Experts and they showed up the same day and installed the toilet the right way. I recommend them 100%!

I hate to admit it but I just didn’t have skill or strength to install my new water heater. It was getting late in the day and I wanted hot water for my wife when she got home from work. I called Bay Area Plumbing Experts and they came out and got the job done in plenty of time to spare. Thank you guys for getting it done!

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